If You’ve Got It,

We’ll Smash It.


Over 100,000 smashes and counting!

Compacting Trash

A professional operator will roll up on site with our patented mobile compaction truck rolls up on site at the scheduled time and quickly performs a smash.

Reducing Hauls

Replace enough costly hauls with smashes and you’ll see an immediate reduction on the number of hauls and downtime. See a price breakdown here.

Saving Money

Reduce the amount of times you need hauling services. The fewer bins you haul, the less money you spend. A smash is only about one-third the price of a costly haul.


Our Simple Smash Process

1. Smash

Fill your open top and call / text / email us for a smash. Smash-It will arrive on-site to compact your waste.

2. Smash (again)

Fill your dumpster again. We will Smash as many times as you need to bring your dumpster to capacity.

3. Haul

You still have dumpster space available. Fill it to level and re-smash, or call to have your dumpster removed.

What We Smash

-Construction Materials

-Mixed Waste




Who We Smash For


Companies can continue to fill their on-site dumpster without ever missing a beat & save on additional pick-ups.

Green Companies

We're the eco-friendly solution for waste management. Our service reduces landfill usage, fuel, emissions, and of course- money!


Whether residential, industrial, or commercial, we can do scheduled or on call compressions for open-top bins.


When backlogged with empty returns or swaps, haulers count on us to alleviate client downtime & reduce costs.

Used By Top Companies Across the U.S.

Book A Smash or Contact Us

Smash-It opened in St. Louis in July 2018 by entrepreneur Clif LaPlante. Smash-It offers the most efficient mobile dumpster compactor on the market, offering open-top renters a chance to save time and money.

Smash-It was originally developed to address a growing problem of overfill that manufacturers, construction sites and haulers were experiencing. Even though dumpsters looked full, they weren’t. Cumbersome materials like cardboard, wood, and construction materials were taking up space in the dumpster, but it was far from being at capacity. Smash-It offers a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution for waste disposal.


To book a smash, please complete the form or contact us using the information below.

St. Louis Contact Info

111 West Port Plaza 6th Floor
St. Louis, MO  63146
314-59-SMASH (76274)